Monday, May 26, 2014

Star & Bee in the January + February 2014 Kits from Scrapbook Circle

You'll be seeing lots of posts today on Star & Bee's blog as I take the opportunity to catch up once and for all on posting photos of all the orders we've shipped out in the past few months. It's been busy behind the scenes here as I get the new materials ready for production, and soon you'll be seeing cork and colored acrylic cuts popping up here, too! We have the first ten colors of acrylic in house right now, and I'll be posting photos of them soon, with about 20 more on the way!

Today's series of posts kicks off with some laser cuts that date all the way back to January. Lisa Andrews, owner of the Scrapbook Circle kit club, sent over a set of wood designs and a 3x6 stencil to be included in the January kits.




If the little wood heart confetti pieces included in Scrapbook Circle's February kit look familiar, it's because they actually came out of the 3x4 heart card from the January kit! We always include any usable negative cuts from your designs in your order- just one way we try to give our customers as much value out of each sheet as possible.


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